Dr.ir. Stuart G. Pearson

Assistant Professor in Coastal Engineering at Delft University of Technology

I was born near Vancouver, on the low-lying delta of Canada’s Fraser River (unceded traditional Coast Salish territory). After growing up on the shores of the Great Lakes in Ontario, I followed a meandering path through civil engineering at the University of Waterloo, which eventually led me to discover the joys of river hydraulics. I spent a few years as a river and coastal modelling consultant near Toronto, then leapt at the chance for a new adventure and moved to Europe to study my Master’s in coastal and maritime engineering. Studying at NTNU in Norway, the University of Southampton in the UK, and TU Delft in the Netherlands, I completed my MSc thesis in coral reef hydrodynamics. At this point I realized that I loved research and life in Delft so much that I stuck around for a PhD, also working part-time at Deltares. During this time I lived out my childhood dreams of reading and writing all the time while playing with sand, riding around in boats, making maps, and meeting good people from all corners of the world. I am overjoyed to continue my research and teaching as an assistant professor in the coastal engineering group at TU Delft. When not concerning myself with wayward sand grains, I can be found sweeping hard at the curling rink, debating the relative merits of David Bowie albums, cooking with friends, or curled up with a good book.

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