Research Interests

Sediment Transport Pathways & Connectivity
Where does sediment go?  Where does it come from?
Understanding coastal sediment transport pathways by analyzing experimental tracer studies in the field and developing Lagrangian particle tracking models. Can we use a “connectivity” approach to aggregate and interpret this information?

Tidal Inlet Morphodynamics
How do tidal inlets evolve, and how can we manage them better?
Morphodynamic evolution of tidal inlets and estuaries (specifically ebb-tidal deltas); hydrodynamic processes at tidal inlets and in estuaries; spatial and temporal variations in grain size.

Flooding on Reef-Lined Coasts & Small Islands
How can we predict and reduce the impact of coastal flooding on vulnerable reef-lined coasts and small islands?
Wave transformation on fringing coral reefs and relation to flooding; development of early flood warning systems for reef-lined coasts; assessment of climate change impacts on reef-lined coasts and small islands.

Arctic Coastal Erosion
How can we predict erosion of Arctic coasts?
Erosion of permafrost coastlines; impacts of climate change on Arctic coasts; changes in wave climate due to changes in sea ice cover; infragravity waves on Arctic coasts.

Science Communication & Education
How can we make sure that the important messages of science reach more than just scientists?
Engaging young people, the general public, and stakeholders in coastal science and contemporary coastal issues (e.g., climate change impacts to coastal regions).