Science Communication & Education

How can we make sure that the important messages of science reach more than just scientists?

I think it’s important to engage young people, the general public, and stakeholders in coastal science and contemporary coastal issues e.g. climate change impacts to coastal regions. I dabble in scicomm via a few different routes:

  • Blogging
    • Occasionally I write about my research and cool things that my colleagues are doing here.
  • Poetry
  • Twitter
    • “Get on Twitter!” they said, so I got on Twitter.
  • Journalism
    • Back in 2008, I served as Editor-in-Chief of The Iron Warriorthe engineering student newspaper at the University of Waterloo.  It wasn’t great journalism, and sometimes the back pages were a little crude by my current standards, but it was a fun little project that fueled my thirst to write.

Relevant Publications/Media Coverage

  1. Pearson, S.G., Gijon Mancheño, A., Ylla Arbos, C. (2020). Keeping our feet dry and safe from the big water by using lots of very tiny rocks [Oral Presentation]. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2020, Online Conference.[Link]
  2. Pearson, S.G., Tissier, M.F.S. (2018). The Curious Undular Bore [Poster]. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2018, Washington, D.C.[Link]
  3. “Adaptation: Building Barriers & Building with Nature” by Marco Merola. Web documentary/interview, June 6, 2019. [Link 1, Link 2]