Education & Experience


PhD, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands (2016–2022)Coastal Engineering, Cum Laude. Promotors: Zheng Bing Wang & Bram van Prooijen. Dissertation: Sediment Pathways on Ebb-Tidal Deltas: New Tools and Techniques for Analysis [Link].

MSc, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands; Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim, Norway; University of Southampton, Southampton, the United Kingdom; (2014–2016). Coastal & Marine Engineering and Management (CoMEM), Cum Laude. Thesis: Predicting Wave-Induced Flooding on Low-Lying Tropical Islands Using a Bayesian Network [Link].

BASc, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada (2007-2012)Honours Civil Engineering Co-op (Water Resources & Management Science) with Distinction.

Research Experience

Assistant Professor of Coastal Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands (2022-Present)

  • Focused on understanding how sediment contributes to the robustness of our coasts and deltas against climate change.
  • Quantifying sediment pathways and connectivity for strategic placement of sediment, via numerical modelling and field measurements.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands (2021–2022)

  • Developing coastal sediment transport pathway model and visualization tool for predicting and communicating about estuarine sediment dynamics and the fate of sand nourishments.

PhD Candidate, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands (2016–2022)

  • Researching the influence of grain size on sediment transport pathways on an ebb-tidal delta in the Wadden Sea, for the purpose of planning large-scale sand nourishments (0.8 FTE).
  • Conducting field measurements of sediment transport, waves, and currents and  analyzing the results
  • Laboratory analysis of sediment samples obtained in the field as part of a tracer study
  • Numerical modelling of hydrodynamics and sediment transport

Visiting Researcher, Ifremer, Brest, France (2019–2019).

  • Analyzing and interpreting suspended sediment measurements in estuaries using optical and acoustic techniques
  • Conducting laboratory experiments on mixed sediment measurements
  • Hosted for two months by Dr. Romaric Verney at the DYNECO/DHYSED unit of Ifremer

Visiting Scientist, US Geological Survey (USGS), Santa Cruz, California (2019–2019).

  • Researching sediment dynamics in estuaries and tidal inlets
  • Simulating sediment transport pathways at the mouth of the Columbia River and applied sediment connectivity framework
  • Investigating coral reef dynamics on low-lying islands in the Pacific
  • Hosted for three months by Edwin Elias, Guy Gelfenbaum, and Curt Storlazzi at the
    Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Intern, Deltares, Delft, The Netherlands (2016–2016).

  • Researching wave-induced flooding on coral atolls in the Pacific for my MSc thesis
  • Developing a runup/overtopping prediction method for use in operational flood forecasting
  • Modelling wave runup and inundation using XBeach over a range of idealized reef profiles
  • Casting the model results in a Bayesian network probabilistic model
  • Validating the Bayesian network on other atolls and fringing reefs across the Pacific

Research Assistant, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU),
Trondheim, Norway (2015–2015).

  • Modelled the thermo-mechanical erosion of permafrost coastlines in the Arctic using COSMOS
  • Identified data needs and promising leads in the field of Arctic coastal dynamics for future research
  • Developed custom pre/post-processing MATLAB toolkit for the COSMOS frozen soil
    module including batching and model skill assessment
  • Hosted for two months by Raed Lubbad of NTNU’s Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology group

Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada (2011–2011).

  • Developed hydrological model pre-processor in VB.NET for Professor James Craig

Consulting/Industry Experience

Consultant/Researcher, Deltares, Delft, The Netherlands (2016–Present).

  • Developing a numerical particle tracking model (SedTRAILS) aimed specifically at defining sediment transport pathways and sediment connectivity in coastal systems
  • Developing an early warning system for wave induced flooding on low-lying tropical islands (BEWARE) using non-hydrostatic wave models and Bayesian networks
  • Supervising and mentoring interns and junior staff on a wide variety of coastal projects

Coastal Engineer-in-Training, W.F. Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers,
Oakville, Canada (2012–2014).

I was employed for over two years at Baird & Associates where I contributed to numerous international coastal engineering projects, focusing on sediment and flood modelling.

  • Sediment Transport:

– Developed, calibrated, and post-processed hydrodynamic, long-term morphologic, and water quality models in Delft3D for two major projects including a contaminated harbour and a river with multiple dams
– Used Delft3D to estimate scour at bridges under extreme flood conditions and sedimentation rates during low-flow periods
– Developed custom MATLAB tool to model erosion potential due to propeller wash from tugboats and cruise ships

  • Flood Risk:

– Modelled flooding of urban areas using 2D (MIKE 21, Delft3D), 1D (MIKE 11, HEC-RAS), and 1D-2D coupled models (MIKE FLOOD)
– Created custom flood hazard mapping and animation tool for Delft3D using MATLAB & Google Earth
– Trained clients on the use of Baird’s Flood & Erosion Prediction System (FEPS)

  • Coastal Structures:

– Performed extreme value analyses for waves and storm surge, and modelled nearshore conditions using SwanOne to determine design conditions for a revetment
– Adapted shore protection damage algorithm in Baird’s Flood and Erosion Prediction System (FEPS) software and prepared user manual/technical documentation

Coastal Engineering Co-op Student, Baird & Associates Coastal Engineers, Oakville, Canada (2011–2011).

  • Modelled flooding of urban areas with MIKE 21 and HEC-RAS
  • Processed and analyzed large temporal and spatial datasets using Excel and MATLAB

Hydrotechnical Engineering Co-op Student, BC Hydro, Burnaby, Canada (2011–2011).

  • Developed hydraulic model for dam breach flooding scenarios using MIKE 11, Blue Kenue, and ArcMap as part of inundation mapping and flood risk program
  • Performed hydrologic analyses of dam systems including calculation of design floods

Student Designer, MTE Consultants Inc., Kitchener, Canada (2010–2010).

  • Engaged in dozens of municipal projects ranging from stormwater management and creek
  • rehabilitation to road reconstruction and roundabout design
  • Drafted design drawings, inspected projects in the field; extensive technical reporting

Junior Engineering Co-op Student, PCL, Toronto & North Bay, Canada (2009–2009).

  • Supervised construction at condominium towers and hospital construction site
  • Read and updated structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings using AutoCAD

Cost Engineering Co-op Student, Kiewit Energy, Fort McMurray, Canada (2008–2008).

  • Assisted management and engineers with project controls tasks on Steam-Assisted Gravity
  • Drainage (SAGD) oil plant construction site including cost and labour analysis

Volunteer Experience

Engineering Orientation Committee Head, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada (2009–2010).

  • Led team in the planning and execution of the university’s Orientation Week
  • Prepared detailed budgets and risk management procedures for the week’s events
  • Managed over 300 volunteer leaders and 1600 first-year engineering students
  • Successfully managed budget and raised thousands of dollars in sponsorship

Editor-in-Chief/Assistant Editor, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada (2008–2009).

  • Coordinated over 50 staff and contributors for biweekly newspaper publication; ran weekly meetings
  • Managed advertising and finances; stayed on budget and successfully recruited advertising clients
  • Designed newspaper layout, proofread and edited content, and wrote numerous articles