Flooding on Reef-Lined Coasts & Small Islands

How can we predict and reduce the impact of coastal flooding on vulnerable reef-lined coasts and small islands?

Wave transformation on fringing coral reefs and relation to flooding; development of early flood warning systems for reef-lined coasts; assessment of climate change impacts on reef-lined coasts and small islands.

Relevant Publications

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Relevant Student Projects (Co-)Supervised

  1. Vesna Bertoncelj. Efficient and accurate modeling of wave-driven flooding on coral reef-lined coasts: On the interpolation of parameterized boundary conditions. [LinkJun 2020 – May 2021.  In cooperation with Deltares. 
  2. Paul van Wiechen. Wave dissipation on a fringing coral reef: an experimental study. [Link].  Dec 2019 – Aug 2020. In cooperation with Boskalis.
  3. Tije Bakker. Flood risk assessment for Majuro Atoll considering compound events and associated uncertainties. [Link]. Jul 2019 – Present. In cooperation with Deltares. 
  4. Camila Gaido. Infragravity wave transformation on fringing coral reefs. [Link]. Feb 2019 – Dec 2019.
  5. Hilary Richards. Flood hazard prediction for St. Martin. [Link]. Feb 2019 – Jul 2019. In cooperation with Deltares. 
  6. Matteo Parodi. Investigating uncertainty in coastal flood risk analyses in Small Island Developing States – a case study: Sao Tome & Principe. [Thesis, Paper] Feb 2019 – Jul 2019. In cooperation with the Deltares.
  7. Fred Scott. Data reduction techniques of coral reef morphology and hydrodynamics for use in wave runup prediction. [Thesis, Paper]. Feb 2019 – Jul 2019. In cooperation with Deltares and the US Geological Survey.
  8. Floortje Roelvink. Coral Restoration for Coastal Hazard Risk Reduction: The effect of coral restoration on wave transformation over various reef morphologies and the resulting runup. [Link]. Sep 2018 – Jul 2019. In cooperation with Deltares and the US Geological Survey.
  9. Timo Veldt. The effect of wave directional spread on coastal hazards at coastlines fronted by a coral reef [Link]. Jul 2018 – Jun 2019. In cooperation with Deltares.
  10. Jochem Dekkers. Experimental Study on Undular Bore Development Over a Fringing Reef [Link]. Oct 2016 – Jul 2018.

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